First Baptist Church Christian Education


The Library Adult Education Class

We meet in the church library Sundays at 11:30 AM after coffee and our social gathering, except on the second Sunday of each month, so all can attend our Sunday brunch. Our process is evolving. Currently different people share their knowledge and inspiration leading the class for one or a few sessions. Come help build this into a lively, inspirational offering for the FBC community.

Wednesday Evening Bible Study  

Midweek Bible study meets on Wednesdays from 5:30 - 7:00PM. We read scripture and cover a broad range of topics. All are welcome so please join us! Bible Study is not meeting this summer (2015).

Lectionary Reflection Group  

We gather in the Chapel each Sunday, from 9:00 to 9:45 AM to reflect on the lectionary passage on which the sermon is based. The format for this gathering is very simple. We begin promptly at 9. Following a brief prayer, the lectionary passage is read aloud. After 5 minutes of silent meditation, the passage is read again. Participants are then invited to share the ways in which the passage moves them, where it touches their lives and longing, what parts of the passage they feel drawn to, what causes discomfort or confusion, and what questions arise. A facilitator encourages anyone who wishes to share and monitors time so that everyone who wants to has an opportunity to speak. We end with a brief prayer promptly at 9:45.

The purpose of this gathering is not to discuss, study, teach, or come to conclusions, but rather to listen - to ourselves, to each other, and to the Divine Spirit within each of us - and to share what spontaneously comes into our hearts as we hear a passage of scripture. It is also a time of preparation for the 10 AM worship service. It is hoped that worship will be more meaningful having spent this time together. It is also hoped that people will find ways of carrying the insights, awareness, concerns, or questions that emerge from this gathering into the world so that healing takes place and peace is strengthened.

This group will meet in the chapel. Feel free to contact Debbie Allen if you have questions about this group. My email is


Youth Sunday School

The Board of Education invites all children to join the Sunday school program this year following the worship service.  We will be following the "Seasons of the Spirit" curriculum, a fun, practical and biblically based curriculum that encourages children to understand their Christian experience through the stories and scripture of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament.  This year we have three classrooms to accommodate our growing numbers of children.  The two younger classes, "Galatians and Ephesians", will meet upstairs and the older class, "Philippians" will meet downstairs.  Please contact Tony at 277-1075 if you have questions about classroom assignments for your child.


First Baptist  Christian Education Programs


Adult Education

Adult Education at First Baptist Church is a forum allowing mutual learning and discussion.  Adult Education takes place the hour after the worship service.  Topics are drawn from scripture or from the passions of the church family. Some past topics have included Christianity in the 21st century, missions in the world, health care issues, global warming and other environmental issues, and spirituality issues related to sexual orientation. Some programs are led by experts from outside of the church community, others by the community itself.  Books or movies may be the foundation of discussion.  The beauty of the program is that we all get to share in the passions that have inspired our community.

Bible Study

Members and friends of the church gather once a week to discuss Biblical and Christian texts, spiritual sources from other faith traditions, and films to inspire and challenge us. Our lively and heartfelt discussions bring us closer together; strengthening our relationships and our church community.  Past topics have included The Parables of Jesus, The Heart of Christianity by Marcus Borg, The DVD Heaven: Where it is and How to Get There, The book of Revelation, and our Baptist roots and history.

Church School

Directly following the Sunday service, our children gather together for a healthy snack followed by a time of musical expression.  From there we begin a Biblical lesson using the lectionary based, ecumenical and multicultural "Seasons of the Spirit" curriculum to inform and enliven our current part in Christ's calling for love, justice and peace toward all. Besides music and story, the children participate in and explore the stories and lessons through creative arts and crafts, discussion, reenactments, service projects, plays, games and constructions.



What does the Lord require of you?
To do Justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your God.
~Micah 6:8~